EV charger installation Kingsland

With gas prices soaring higher by the day electric cars are becoming more and more enticing. The savings offered by an electric car are undeniable. However not every electric car can just simply plug into the wall. That is why this Kingsland resident called Auckland’s favourite electrician. Hall Electrical offers a premium service to supply and install EV chargers to Aucklanders. However this Kingsland man had their own charger and we were happy to simply install it. Depending on your brand of electric vehicle you may need a specific EV wall charger. In this case this client had a BMW wall charger to match their brand new BMW EV

The first step involved installing the cable and isolation switch to supply the car charger. We use a type B 40ma RCD and a 32 amp breaker also to ensure safety. Once livened and tested we could move on. Lastly we mounted the BMW EV wall charger where the client had requested and then connected everything up. One final liven and test upon completion and everything looked perfect. 

We were extremely pleased with how this turned out. The client was extremely satisfied with their new charger. We plugged it into the car to make sure it was all working correctly. Sure enough their new electric BMW was charging faster than ever.

With the world transitioning to greener energy we can absolutely expect to see more of this type of work in Auckland more often. If you are thinking about getting an electric vehicle or already have one then call Hall electrical at 0800 422 973 or contact us online to book an EV charger installation.

Power Outlet Relocation Grey Lynn

This week we visited a Grey Lynn home to do some quick electrical fixes. This home had an old broken power outlet that desperately needed replacement. This client was fixing up their kitchen. Part of that involves electrical repairs to the current home’s wiring and adding new power plugs. In this case the damage was surface level, and underneath was some still good wiring.

When moving power outlets, it is important to work alongside other tradesmen to assure the client isn’t left with ugly holes in their walls. Step one is to remove the old power point. This is more than just pulling it out from the wall. The entire box needs to be pulled out and the wiring in the wall fixed up.

Next, we have to cut a hole in the new desired location for the power outlet. Usually, if the new location is close enough to the old location we can use the wiring from the old outlet. If there is not enough cable to cover the distance to the new location, we would have to run new wiring.

Lastly, we wire up the new socket and fit it into the new hole. In this case we installed double outlets. However we can also install single power outlets, or even outlets with USB sockets for charging things such as your phone.

We tested the new sockets and everything checked out fine. If you need electrical repairs or installations done for your Grey Lynn house then call Hall at 0800 422 973 or contact us online to get a quote.

Can you get an Electrician during lockdown?

electrician during lockdown

There has been a lot of confusion regarding whether or not you cab get an electrician during lockdown in Auckland. So, we’ve put together a guide to help cut through the confusion. After all, electrical faults can be dangerous, so it is important an electrician can make a hasty repair.

electrician during lockdown

Essential Services can operate during lockdown.

As you may already know essential services are permitted to operate during lockdown levels 4. Electricians are included under the essential service umbrella. However some services electricians provide are not considered to be essential, and therefore cannot be conducted during lockdown. We are still available to carry out emergency and urgent electrical working during level 4 lockdown.

Urgent and emergency electrical work includes:

What electrical work can’t done during lockdown

Unfortunately, your plans to upgrade your home are going to have to wait. Let it be switching your lights to LEDs or installing ethernet sockets, these non essential tasks are going to have to wait.

Hall electrical is still available to call for information on these services. We can help you plan and set up work for when the lockdown comes to an end.

Hall Electrical is your electrician during lockdown

If you require urgent electrical work, then don’t hesitate to call the team at Hall Electrical. Call us at 0800 422 973 or contact us online.