Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations from an electrical perspective

When renovating your bathroom there are a number of key points to consider. From an electrical perspective, people often find that three simple factors contribute the most towards a satisfactory outcome; lighting, heating, and power outlets. An electrician will be required to install and wire any electrical fittings.

Bathroom Lighting:

Any bathroom renovation should achieve a superior lighting outcome to the previous lighting design. Some members of the family will be focused on bright vanity lighting that aluminates the face from all angels. Others will be content with even lighting throughout the room. We recommend solutions that achieve both outcomes.

Functional vanity lighting, or bathroom mirror lighting, can be achieved by one single light fitting above the mirror. However, for best results multiple light fittings can often produce consistent lighting of the face at a range of head heights and distances from the mirror/wall. You can choose; two fittings either side of the mirror or, two either side plus one above. Fittings themselves can have one or multiple bulbs.

One common modern trend in lighting is to replace ceiling light fittings with halogen down lights. With a bathroom renovation, the new lighting design could mean going from a one double spot light fitting (a fitting which has two spot lights) in the centre of the bathroom to, three halogen down-lights in the ceiling with the addition of two or three vanity/mirror light fittings.

Bathroom Heating:

Nobody enjoys a cold bathroom first thing in the morning. Beyond energy efficient ideas for home insulation there are a few common and simple heating options available for the bathroom. These include; heated towel rails, under floor heating, and ceiling heat lamps.

We regularly install heated towel rails. Heated towel rails installed with a timer can be an excellent energy efficient option. An electrician is required to wire the wall power switch / control fitting for under floor heating. We can have under floor heating installed in your bathroom. Walking on cold tiles will become a thing of the past.

Ceiling and wall mounted heat lamps can provide a boost of heat to bathrooms that do not have comprehensive insulation and under floor heating. The heat lamp fitting must be correctly wired and installed to ensure safe operation.

Bathroom Power Outlets:

The demand for power outlets in the bathroom has increased over the years. Today one might find a range of personal electrical appliances that require power in the bathroom. These include such items as an; electric toothbrush, hairdryer, hair straightener, electric shaver, and electric groomer.

If you are adverse to clutter, you can often greatly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom by placing a number of power outlets in cupboards, cabinets or vanities. This approach can also prove useful in bathrooms that have very little vanity top space where you don’t want to take up all available space with hairdryers, etc. Electrical appliances can sit in a specific place inside cabinets and out of the way.

Regular power outlets that are not installed inside cabinets are also useful when placed in optimal locations. Choosing an extra power outlet can be a convenience you will only appreciate once the renovation is complete.

How do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us. Hall Electrical has a team of highly trained and experienced electricians ready to help ensure your bathroom renovation is a resounding success.
We can determine your requirements with an onsite evaluation and provide you with a proposal and quote.