Electrical Thermal Imaging, Graphic Scanning, Surveys & Reports

Thermal Imaging Reports and Electrical Survey Reports

Electrical Survey Reports start with an infrared inspection using a modern thermal imaging camera and other specialist equipment. While many companies require a regular thermal imaging report to satisfy their insurance policy, others have implemented a preventative maintenance programme that includes a thermal graphic scan and electrical survey.

A thermal graphic scan detects abnormally high temperature within electrical components. An increase in the temperature of a specific electrical component often precedes faults. In more severe cases damaging and dangerous electrical fires can occur. Thermal imaging cameras allow easy identification of these “hot” electrical components that can cause problems. Inspections of electrical switchboards and electrical equipment can help prevent failures that cause expensive shutdowns in manufacturing and critical processes. Scheduled preventative maintenance will also help you manage your budget and lower the risk of unexpected repair costs.

Benefits of Thermal Graphic Scanning

  • Prevent electrical failures and faults by identifying and replacing high risk electrical components that are likely to fail in the near future
  • Lower your cost by replacing the identified issues and not waiting until an costly repair is required
  • Reduce expensive downtime in your business
  • Remain compliant within the electrical compliance law
  • Add value to your Health and Safety policy and program
  • Retain insurance cover by satisfying insurance requirements

If your company requires industry best practice quality assurance standards in your critical business processes, we can help you maintain electrical equipment and achieve higher “uptime” of production and operation.

Where do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us.

For a one-off thermal imaging jobs you just want done we can send someone to complete at a time that works for you.

For a complete preventative maintenance programme we can provide you with a proposal and quote by coming to your building and assessing the equipment onsite and your requirements.

Next Steps

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