Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Programmes for Buildings and Equipment

When you require your building, portfolio, facilities or equipment to remain in compliance with electrical regulation, SLA agreements and policies you can remove the administrative headache with an electrical maintenance schedule. When your electrical maintenance schedule is professionally managed by a competent electrical services provider you will ensure your building and equipment remain compliant and operational.

Hall Electrical has invested in specialist asset, site and facilities management software. Our systems can create a regular programme of annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly or any frequency required for compliance and operational electrical checks. When your scheduled time draws near we can remind you and book an onsite visit. Alternatively, you may prefer that we simply complete the maintenance without contacting you further. We work with your businesses processes; set and forget, or any level of communication and approval.

Compliance and operational electrical services best suited to regular scheduled maintenance:

  • Building Warrant of Fitness – Electrical Compliance; 12A Building Certificate
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance
  • Health and Safety Policy Compliance
  • Insurance Policy Electrical Compliance
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Electrical Law & Regulation; Electrical (Safety) Regulations
  • Electrical Standards; AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3760, etc…

Hall Electrical has a team of highly trained and experienced electricians ready to ensure your building and equipment remain maintained and compliant. Programmed scheduled maintenance is the best solution.

How do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us.

Service requested: Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Programme
We will discuss your specific requirements and meet you onsite (if required) to assess the building, site assets, facilities and equipment. We can then provide you with an accurate proposal and quote.

Next Steps

Call us to book an urgent job, or to arrange an onsite visit, proposal and quote 0800 422 973 An Independent Qualified Person (IQP) is required by commercial building owners or managers to adhere to a buildings compliance schedule. An IQP carries out, or supervises inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures on a specified system. IQPs must be registered with the appropriate local authority to carry out such work. Perhaps the most common ‘specified system’ of an electrical nature is the Emergency Lighting System. Hall Electrical have IQP registered and qualified electricians or technicians able to assist you to comply with your building warrant of fitness compliance schedule.

IQP Inspection, Maintenance & Reporting

Electrical IQP Inspection

The Electrical IQP Inspection for emergency lighting systems covers testing or simulating the operation of emergency lighting during a power outage. This process ensures your building or premise is safe and compliant. The Building Compliance Schedule will state the specific frequency of regular emergency lighting checks. Often, regular non – IQP checks are required on a monthly basis and IQP checks are required annually.

IQP Maintenance

During the inspection process, tests and checks determine if any fittings are non-compliant. These fittings will need to be replaced. In some instances we can immediately attend to corrective maintenance issues while on-site. Given either time and/or part supply constraints we will arrange a return visit to complete.

IQP Reporting

A significant part of the compliance responsibility for building tenants and/or owners is the recording and reporting requirements. Each monthly test/check results need to recorded in a log book to be kept on-site. The annual IQP inspection will require a 12A Form to be completed with respect to the Emergency Lighting System. This form, together with the other 12A Forms/Certificates for other building services listed in the compliance schedule, are part of the overall building warrant of fitness (Form 12).

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