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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades & Installations

Electrician to install a new electrical switchboard

Switchboards are an important feature of modern home wiring and electrical systems. Once upon a time homes had fuse boxes, many older homes still do. However, new homes have circuit breakers rather than fuses. Circuit breakers are situated in a switchboard. Many older homes that have been renovated will also have had a complete rewire with a switchboard installed.

Hall Electrical provides a full electrical switchboard upgrade and installation service.

Modern switchboards come in a range of designs. They can be flush or surface mounted, doors can be tinted transparent or completely opaque. The size of switchboards also vary, height and width ultimately determine the number of circuit breakers. When installing or upgrading a switchboard, an electrician must consider the current electrical rewiring system, any potential future need for more electrical circuits and the location of the switchboard.





It is also important to ensure that the switchboard manufacturer complies with all electrical regulatory standards. We only install compliant switchboards from reputable manufacturers.

While the process to install and test the operation of a unit is mostly the same, the complexity and time requirement can vary greatly. It is best to speak with an experienced electrician who can evaluate your individual situation.

Where do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us.

For small switchboard repair jobs you just want done, we can send someone to resolve the issue at a time that works for you.

For larger more complex switchboard upgrades and installation jobs we will provide you with a quote by actually coming to your home or property to assess the situation and design an electrical plan if required.