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Could an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Protect your Home?

Performing an upgrade to your electrical switchboard may be more important than you realise. In 2019 New Zealand reported a 22 percent increase in electrical fires, a high number of which were caused by faulty or old electrical wiring. Electrical switchboards are often the first line of defense against electrical fires, but in many homes, switchboards are instead the culprit.


What causes electrical fires.

Roughly 1000 homes burn down in New Zealand every year due to electrical faults. Many factors may contribute to an electrical fire, however most professionals agree a lack of RCDs (residual current devices) are usually to blame.


Many Auckland homes were built long before electrical switchboards were common practice. These older New Zealand homes use porcelain or wire fuses instead of more advanced RCD circuit breakers. Having to replace a blown fuse allows room for human error. If a fuse with the wrong current rating is installed it may fail to trip when needed. Resulting in overheating, damage to appliances or even fire.

Older switchboards are not capable of powering the more demanding and numerous appliances we use in our modern homes. An electrical switchboard upgrade can protect your home from becoming overloaded, avoiding a fire.

Hall Electrical is here to help.

Hall electrical can help you upgrade your electrical switchboard. Old homes with fuse boxes may need to be completely rewiring to replace the old compound wiring, which is more susceptible to fire.


If your home already has a full electrical switchboard but you are notice any of the following, your switchboard may need an upgrade.

Signs of a faulty electrical switchboard:
  • Circuit breakers tripping
  • Visible scorch/burn marks on wall sockets or switchboard components
  • Burning/fishy smell

Don’t wait until its too late. Protect your home and your family from a domestic house fire through an electrical switchboard upgrade. Call Hall electrical at 0800 422 973 or contact us online for a quote.