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Switchboard Repairs

Electrician for Switchboard Repairs: burning smell at the switchboard, electrical switchboard faults, switchboard not working, faulty switchboard, fault finding, and switchboard replacement.

First, it is important to mention; a faulty Switchboard can be extremely dangerous. If there is a burning smell at your Switchboard, please phone us urgently! Other faults may be less urgent; however, they can be very frustrating when they disrupt power to parts of your home or building.

Electrical Switchboards are one of the most vital components of electrical power circuits in both residential homes and commercial buildings. They are really the heart of the electrical circuit, distributing power through the home or building. In many multi-tenancy / multi-story buildings (both apartment blocks and commercial buildings) each floor or unit title will likely have a switchboard.

Wiring to, from and within the Switchboard
Power often runs through electrical wiring from the street to an outside Circuit-board, then to the inside Switchboard. In other properties power runs directly from the street to a single Circuit-board / Switchboard. Within the Switchboard, power is split into a number of different electrical circuits, each with its own circuit breaker or fuse. Electrical wiring then takes power through-out the property. Faults at the Switchboard can often be related to wiring either at the point of contact with other fittings or the actual wire itself. We can test the power supply to isolate the issue. Where possible we will repair the issue.

Fuses within the Switchboard & time decayed Switchboard Units or Circuits
In many older homes and buildings, switchboards contain a number of fuses. Fuses were primarily used before circuit breakers. It is not uncommon for many of the electrical issues coming from the switchboard to be directly linked to older style fuse failures. Normally a straightforward and quick repair can be done to resolve such issues in the immediate term. However, overtime electrical components, fittings and wiring can decay. Switchboards are not immune to this issue. It is worth noting that at some stage it will become a necessary task to replace the switchboard, the individual components inside the Switchboard, and perhaps re-wire the property.

Our Auckland wide team of registered master electricians have experience resolving Switchboard faults and providing electrical repair services. We have also completed a number of Switchboard upgrades when the unit or circuit is beyond repair and a replacement switchboard needs to be installed.

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