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Power Point Repairs

Electrician for Power Point Repairs: Power Points not working correctly, fault finding, wiring repairs, power point replacement

Electrical components like power points and wiring don’t last forever. Over time the power point fitting itself may become faulty and require repair or replacement. In other cases the fault may be traced to no power arriving to that particular power point.

Power Point Fault Finding
An initial diagnostic and testing process will help to determine the cause of the fault and the action required to resolve the issue. An electrician will run through a series of checks to ensure than there is a stable power supply to the power point. If the initial diagnostic determines that there is power supply issue it could be the wiring, a fuse, a circuit breaker, the switchboard or something else within the specific electrical circuit.

Power Point Repairs
Replacement is normally a better option than repair for power point fittings. However, in some cases, where safety is not compromised, repair may be a fast and affordable option.

Power Point Replacement
When the fault is traced to the power point fitting, and it is not able to be repaired cost effectively or safely, replacement is the best option. Power points come in a range of sizes, specifications and colours. For more information on details regarding larger installation projects and upgrades for power points, sockets and outlets visit our specific webpage regarding this service offering.

Our Auckland wide team of registered master electricians are experienced with power point repairs and installations for residential property and commercial buildings.

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