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Interior Light Repairs

Electrician for Interior Light Repairs: Downlights, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Spot Lights, Hall Lights, Stair Lights, Bathroom Lights, Kitchen Lights, Halogen Lights, LED Lights

When your lights are not working correctly (or at all), and it’s not the bulb, you’ll need an electrician to test the electrical circuit and repair the fault. Common faults with interior lights include faulty light fittings and components. These can often be resolved by simply replacing part or all of the light fitting. Other issues may require more extensive repair and replacement.

The age of the components within the electrical circuit may also be a factor in identifying the fault. Within both residential properties and commercial buildings the age of the electrical wiring, switchboard, light fittings and fixtures all have an impact on the performance of lighting. It could be more cost effective and safer to replace a number of the components to ensure faultless operation of interior lights. Common interior light repairs include;

Downlight Repairs
Downlight repairs have become a rather common need in many homes and businesses. Often the fault occurs simply because of a downlight fitting failure. When building or renovation work is originally undertaken, average quality downlights are sometimes installed to keep the cost of the entire project down. Replacing with new fittings can quickly resolve and repair the issue. In fact, new downlight regulations came into effect in May 2012 which help improve the standard of downlight installations.

Spot Light Repairs
Kitchens are a common location for spot lights. Both wall and ceiling mounted spot lights come as single, double, triple and quad fittings. When the fitting has multiple spot lights, it is often easilier to see if it is the fitting or power supply causing the issue. If replacement is the best solution, there is the option to replace with newer style halogen spot lights.

Ceiling & Wall Light Repairs
Ceiling & wall lights depend on both the age of the fitting and the purpose of the light. Regardless of the light fitting (claw, fluorescent, surface or hanging) the process starts with testing the electrical circuit.

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