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In the many years we have been installing home security systems here at Hall Electrical, one thing has become very evident. As a deterrent, light works better than sound. Think about how often you hear a burglar alarm going off in a house or car but don’t even bother to investigate. It just happens too often.
Burglars know this and behave just as we do – they ignore it and get on with stealing your precious possessions.

But, when they suddenly find themselves in the centre of a beam of light, they are much more likely to turn tail and disappear. Being visible – especially if your property is overlooked by others – makes recognising a face and therefore apprehension by the police very much easier. Burglars know this and act accordingly.

So, when considering a home security system, keep this firmly in mind.
Something else you may not be aware of is that many more people come on to your property than you realise, especially at night. And the darker it is, the more confident they are about moving around undetected.

Installing lights around your property that automatically turn on when there is movement achieves three goals:

  • It stops burglars in their tracks because suddenly they can be seen.
  • It discourages them from coming back.
  • It prevents damage to your property.

In order to gain access, burglars break locks or windows, and this can be costly to repair. Plus, knowing that someone has been inside your home, looking through your belongings is very upsetting. But if you make it harder for burglars or prowlers to get inside in the first place, it will save you both money and stress.

There are several obvious areas where you need to install automatic security lights. These include your carport, paths and walkways, and all entrances to your house. You should also light up your front gate to deter unwanted visitors from even setting foot on your property. You may even wish to install a device at your entrance that sounds a siren in your house (or beeps or chirps) whenever someone comes in your gate.

It is also advisable to light up any dark alcoves on your property where someone might be able to lurk unseen. This is especially important if you have young children.
Lighting up your property should be your first step in home security. To my mind, it is the cheapest and most effective form of deterrent.