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Office Fit-Outs

If you are in charge of organizing the office fit out, you’ve likely discovered that you will need to select a skilled office fit out master electrician to take care of the electrical aspects of the project.

Perhaps you have a few questions:

  • Which electrician/electrical service provider should I use?
  • When is the right time to get an electrician involved in this process?
  • What will be the cost of electrical work?

Typical Office Fit Out Challenges:

Whether you find yourself;

  • in the first time position of organizing part or all of an office fit, or
  • you’re involved in the profession (builder, designer) and a regular…

…either way, people tell us that one of the biggest challenges is the organization of the many parties that are required to complete a project.

So, you need professional service providers that can quickly, and accurately, assess your individual needs and determine your project requirements in their area of expertise, and work well with all other partners and providers in the office fit out project. This includes electricians/electrical service providers.

Electrical Service Provider Solution & Benefits:

At Hall Electrical Services we have a very clear and solid methodology to make sure you get what you want. We follow a process;

  • Onsite Evaluation; – You likely have either an exact idea and design plan you want us to follow, or your open to suggestions and looking for an electrician to support your needs to make your office fit out project a success. Where possible we will look to meet you onsite to evaluate the premises, ask you clarifying questions of any initial designs, plans and requirements.
  • Proposal & Quote; we understand that your decision-making process can be challenging and filled with questions and possible alternatives. To help make the decision as easy, and to give you confidence in your decisions, we take great care to present proposals and quotes that reflect your individual objectives that were discovered in the Initial (Onsite) Evaluation.For simple & urgent office fit out projects we ensure we get you a concise proposal for you to approve and get underway quickly. In many other situations, the proposal stage is far more a consultative partnership with you involving a number of meetings to get the details just right for you and your requirements.
  • Design Project Plan; at this stage we design and electrical plan for your specific office fit out project. In a world of ever increasing dependence on power and electrical goods, we believe that a great design for your electrical plan can have a profound effect on the success of your business (or your clients business). The work environment matters, from lighting to power point access and placement, it’s the small things that when designed well and carefully thought out will produce a vastly superior office environment.
  • Schedule Project; careful consideration is required to accurately schedule any project. Not only do we schedule our own electrical project, we understand we will be working with you and other people involved in the project in stages and fixes. We are very experienced in working with multiple providers at the same time all working towards the ultimate goal of your complete project. We detest any situation in with you find other providers blaming each other for delays or mix-ups in the schedule so to avoid this happening we seek to be more proactive in our communication right from the start.
  • Project Fulfillment; getting your office fit out (electrical needs) completed on time and on budget is about four critical factors;
    • accurate planning & scheduling – the last thing you want is a surprise midway through the project, careful planning goes a long way to ensure your project runs smoothly.
    • diligent project management – regular project meetings with our internal team keep us on track and signal any potential areas of concern that might come up, allowing us to take proactive steps to keep everything on track for you.
    • a professional team – at Hall Electrical we have very high levels of staff retention, we hire the best and keep the best. Professionalism is a combination of experience, highly skilled, and integrity. Somehow our customers always remark on our team’s ability to be both very professional and friendly, our team are our main strength for your benefit.
    • flexibility & comprehensive communication – sometimes that an expected happens and to deliver the project we need to be flexible, our size allows us to do this well. But the most important aspect is communication with you and other parties to get clear on the next steps and not let the project get bogged down by any surprise.
  • Project Completion & Review; all projects finish with completion and your sign off. On large projects we always review the entire project from start to finish looking for opportunity where we can improve for our next customer or project. This means all customers benefit from our 25 years’ experience and desire for constant improvement.

Who We Help and Work With:

  • Directly with Business Owners & Managers
  • Builders & Building Companies
  • Commercial Interior Fit Out Designers & Architects
  • Procurement Managers & Administrators
  • Developers
  • Commercial Property Owners & Investors
  • Commercial Sales & Leasing Agents
  • Other trades; plumbers, etc

Why Hall Electrical for Your Office Fit Out:

We connect people and power, and pride ourselves on our professional service. Our stated vision is to;

”Be widely recognised as the preferred provider of Electrical Services Auckland wide through professionalism, honesty & understanding the customer’s needs”

We are one of Auckland’s largest independent electricians which means we have the team, experience, knowledge, tools and resources to make your office fit out project a success. We would love to talk to you about your project and perhaps someday soon you’ll be one of our featured customer testimonials…

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Next Steps:

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