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Ok, House Rewiring. So, you have figured out that your house needs rewiring, but this has only raised a heap of questions. Selecting a house rewiring electrician and determining what you need to do can be a little overwhelming for many people.

Do you have one or more of these questions firing around in your head?

  • Who do I trust?
  • What are the important things to consider?
  • How much will this cost?
  • What are my options?
  • How long will it take?
  • Do I project manage this or my builder?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do we get this underway?

Let’s answer a few of these questions in the first instance. Obviously every persons situation is slightly different and nothing beats a good old fashioned chat on the phone about your specific house rewiring project. Nevertheless, below are a few general guidelines with house rewire projects. Give us a call with your questions, we are very happy to do what we can to help you answer them.

Who do I trust?

First, if you are dealing with a builder that you know and trust, great! A registered professional master builder that specializes in home renovations, makeovers, additions and extensions should be well placed to recommend a preferred Electrician. You should always look for an electrician with plenty of experience in helping people like you complete a successful house rewiring project.

What are the important things to consider for house rewiring?

There are always a number of important considerations with rewiring your home or an investment property. First and foremost you must consider your desired outcome. What is the end result? i.e. Are you looking to completely transform your way of living?

This brings us to the second important consideration: the electrical plan. It is the electricians roll to be able to help you solidify your vision into a well thought out electrical plan. The electrical plan ensures you get everything delivered that you expect.

Other very important factors include; the electrical service providers history in completing successful house rewire projects, your budget, your timeline, other service providers like plumbers & builders, and lastly… who will be project managing the entire process.

House Rewiring Cost: How much will this cost?

We all hate it when we ask someone this question and they say “it depends”. However, it really does. The cost of a house rewire has a number of factors to consider, including; size of house, quality of fittings installed (power plug points, lights, etc), accessibility of rewiring (basically can we easily get at the wires inside your walls from above or below, or is it extremely difficult). As an approximate reference you might find the following a useful guideline*:

  • Basic house rewire cost: $3,000 to $4,000
  • Regular house rewire cost: $4,000 to $10,000
  • Advanced house rewire cost: $10,000+

House Rewiring Options: What are my options?

We can rewire your home putting power points and lights where they were or you can use the opportunity to completely redesign your living space to work much better. Your goal should be to create a very livable environment for you and your family or for your investment property. The modern world has a far greater demand for easy access to power and with a little bit of careful planning from your electrician, you’ll be able to remove any annoying power and electrical shortcomings (e.g only 2 power outlets in the kitchen vs the need for 6, or the fact the power outlets in the living room are not aligned with perfect TV location). There are many options to explore and different people prefer different setups.

If it is for your family home: We recommend making a list of the things that annoy you the most from an electrical perspective. Missing power points, the need for multiple power adapters all over the place, the fact your toaster and kettle fight for the same power plug, not enough phone jacks, etc. Also list any ideas you have and features you have seen and liked in your friends and families homes. When we walk around onsite with clients for an evaluation and quote we love to hear these points. We’ll then present you with options that are a fit for your situation, helping you achieve that much improved living space.

If it is for your investment property: Many landlords view the need to rewire as an expense. The act of replacing something unseen may feel like replacing the hot water cylinder, annoying and costly without adding value to the property. We feel we understand the landlords desire to always seek to improve the value of the property, be that rental return or asset value. So, we take this into consideration when talking options with property investors that need to rewire a property. Our thought process is always asking ‘How can we increase the value of your investment through a rewire project?’

How long will it take?

Obviously the scope (size and complexity) of the project dictates to a large extent the length it can take. Some projects are relatively quick from the electrical perspective. We could be in and out within a couple of days. Most project timelines are to a large extent influenced by the project management of all the other parties involved. So, if the entire home is going through a huge transformation involving every trades person under the sun, then you could be looking at months. Whatever the overall project timeline, it is quite often the case that we will come in and do a certain amount until we can do no more until another trade services provider has finished.

How do we live during the rewiring phase (will I still be able to cook)?

We always ensure the minimum disruption to the basic living requirements that we can. This can include setting up temporary areas or reconnecting stove or lights before we leave for the day.

Do I project manage this or my builder?

The answer could be either. If you have a builder and you are doing a house rewire as part of a large renovation then you could have the builder project managing everything for you. Or you could be the project manager with your hands on the pulse of the comings and goings of every service provider. Either way we have worked with both situations many times. It comes down to personal choice. Some prefer the hands on approach others prefer letting professionals take charge.

If you are not doing a major renovation, and are simply rewiring the home from a need to perspective, then we’ll certainly take care of the electrical side of things freeing you up to focus on things that matter to you.

Whatever your situation we like to take care of the entire electrical plan, making it easy for you and ensuring we deliver on our promises of quality. You can be involved as little or as much as you like throughout. But the one thing we like to focus on is keeping the communication first class. People love the fact we are human and we are always keeping you up to date with what is going on. It’s your home, you care about it, and we get that… so we think you deserve someone that keeps you 100%
informed throughout the entire process.

Where do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us. We will provide you with a quote by actually coming to your home or property and accessing the situation and getting to know what your vision is.

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