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Electricians for Small Jobs – A List of 15 Electrical Tasks

Electricians for Small Jobs – A List of 15 Electrical Tasks

Have you ever wondered when you should hire electricians for small jobs? Are there things that you can handle on your own? Should you always leave every electricity-related issue to the hands of an electrician like Hall Electrical Services? To help you answer these questions, we rounded up a list of 15 small electrical tasks that need the help of a professional electrician in New Zealand. 

1. Power and Lights Restoration

Sometimes isolated lights or power disruptions can happen due to faulty wirings or other factors. To help you restore everything back to normal, an electrician needs to trace the source of the problem. From there, he can carry out the required service.  

2. Heated Water System Repair  

Water heaters can sometimes go haywire and you end up with no hot water in your house. While it may seem like a job you can include in your DIY projects, you should definitely leave it to a professional. Otherwise, you might make the matters worse. 

3. Light Switch Repair or Replacement

Replacing or repairing light switches are among the simplest electrical tasks. However, if you don’t have the skills or safety tools needed for the job, it still pays to call in an electrician to do the job. 

4. Wiring in an Additional Light Fitting

The right lighting fixtures can add a different vibe to a house. It can also help you accentuate your home’s structure with lighting. You might need a few additions here and there, only to realise that you don’t have sockets. This situation certainly calls for the addition of new wirings to help you install whatever type of light fixtures you want. 

5. Kitchen Appliance Installation

Most of the time, kitchen renovations make homeowners realise that they need to rewire or upgrade their wirings. This is quite needed especially when you need to install additional kitchen appliances or change the layout of the room. If this sounds like you, then you can rely on us to help you add whatever wiring, socket, or other electrical requirements you need. 

6. Partial Rewiring

Partial rewiring may be a suitable solution if not every part of the house needs a rewire. It also comes in handy if you are looking to minimise the disruption in your home or have budget constraints. To know if this is an option for you, be sure to consult with your electrician. 

7. Quick Wiring Inspection for Selected Parts of the House

If you spot signs of wiring trouble. It’s best to have an electrician come in to do a quick check-up of your electrical system. This way, you get to determine which areas you need to prioritise in case you have to do a rewiring job.  

8. Power Plugs Installation

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have enough power plugs for your appliances or electrical gadgets? By having new plugs installed, this won’t be a problem anymore. It’s a fairly quick process depending on how many power plugs you need. 

9. Phone Plug Installation


Phone line loss, telephone wiring trouble, and dated jack plugs are just among the many reasons why you might need a phone plug installation. If you’re having trouble with these things, a handy electrician can provide you with the appropriate service. 

10. Doorbell Replacement

Doorbells stop working if you have a defective doorbell button, transformer, wiring or chime box. Good thing, this is among the most common things that an electrician can quickly fix. 

11. Powerpoint or Socket Repair or Replacement


Got problems with your socket or powerpoint? Are you looking to switch to another type of electrical outlet? Both of these tasks are best done by an electrician.

12. Checking and Testing of New Electrical Installations

As mandated by the law, newly installed electrical wirings need to meet the requirements and standards set in the Electricity Regulations and the NZECP 51:2004. You will need to have an inspector or an electrician assess the new installation before you can get certified with a Certificate of Verification. 

13. Replacing a Circuit Breaker that Doesn’t Reset

Your home’s circuit breaker protects the entire system from damage in case of an overload or short circuit. In case of a problem, it interrupts the flow of electricity. As a result, you need to pay close attention to your circuit breaker especially if it frequently goes off. If you spot signs like a burning smell, visual changes or if it doesn’t reset, you will need to have it replaced by an electrician. 

14. Relocating Switchboards

Some renovation jobs require relocating the switchboards. This is quite a common trend especially in older homes or if you need to build a new room. Essentially, your switchboards act as a central distribution point of power. As a result, you may need to have it transferred to ensure better and smoother functionality.

15. Rewiring the Bathroom During a Revamp Project

Besides revamping kitchens, a lot of Kiwis are transforming their old bathrooms into something more modern and spacious. If you also plan on doing the same, make sure that you consider having your wirings checked and upgraded so you can get the best out of your bathroom, especially if you plan on adding new fixtures.

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