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Extractor Fan Installation: Grafton Electrician

A popular electrical installation in 2022 is sure to be an extractor fan installation, like the one we recently completed in these Grafton flats. Grafton electricians have their work cut out for them. As many of these older homes lack an extractor fan in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Healthy Homes Standard

As of the 1st of July all renewed tenancies must now comply with the healthy home standard. Concerns over mould and dampness have led to regulations to protect the tenants of rental homes by requiring extractor fans. Poor ventilation is harmful to one’s health. So if you are concerned about mould and dampness in your home’s bathroom consider installing an extractor fan.

Grafton Electrician to the rescue

Being electricians in the Grafton area for over 20 years we were happy to spruce up a set of local rental properties. Built in the 1970s, these homes were hit hard by the new healthy homes standard. So, the landlord needed an affordable solution to bring their properties up to the standard. Not wanting to cheap out on the health of their tenants they opted for an extractor fan slightly over powered for the flats small bathroom.

Any room with a shower or bath must have new fans with a minimum diameter of 120mm. We offer an extractor fan with a diameter of 150mm to ensure all excess moisture is removed.

The extractor fan installation in these Grafton flats was straightforward. As we are able to both supply and install the extractor fan. Rather than needing to install a new switch we are able to set up the fan to turn on with the light on the same switch.

Overall the property manager was left happy and all of their Grafton properties passed their healthy home inspections. If you need a Grafton Electrician to install an extractor fan in your home or rental call 0800 422 973 or contact us online.