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Auckland Central City Electrician: USB Power Outlet Upgrade

As the favourite Auckland Central City electrician, we were called to retrofit and modernize an apartment complex’s outlets. Looking to update their apartments to be more aligned with modern expectations we replaced several power outlets with USB power outlets. These outlets have two integrated USB ports alongside the standard two power sockets.

Almost all modern devices are charged via a USB connection. So why not build USB ports into the power outlet. By doing this you free up a power socket that would otherwise be used on a phone’s power brick. Removing the need for bulky and ugly multi plugs.

The job was very straightforward. First we removed the old wall socket and stripped the wires. Next we wired in and fitted the new USB power outlet and it was done. The only thing left to do was test and check everything worked properly. The process was extremely quick and the owner and tenants of this Auckland Central City building were left very happy.

If you need an electrician in Auckland Central City, or are interested in upgrading to USB power outlets, then contact the team at Hall Electrical. You can call 0800 422 973 or contact us online for a quote.