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Brilliant Ideas For Exterior and Security Lighting For Your Home

Looking for a better way to light up your deck? When the sun sets, deck lighting allows you to create a spectacular space you hang out and watch the starts with friends and family. There are various places you should consider illuminating with exterior lighting offered by Hall Electrical.

Perhaps you already have a perfect patio design with comfortable couches surrounded by wooden rails and perfect shade from a tree. Hall electrical can help you attach step lights under rails such that they face inwards to minimize the glare. Also, we can help you find the perfect ambient lighting on the tree branches. This is a perfect way to create a natural bohemian look in your backyard.

External Security Lights

If you are more concerned with the security of your front and backyard, we can help you illuminate your outdoors with landscape lighting. Your steep outdoor steps leading to the house require well-designed fixtures to allow safe passage. You might also like surface mounts on the risers beneath the treads. Illuminated risers can be painted white in order to diffuse the glare and spread it evenly. Planter lights would be great additions to a front yard especially those with high energy-efficiency and long lamp life.

Spa Deck Lighting 

Your home spa should be an entertaining area where you can also incorporate a kitchen, bar, shower, dance floor, and seats. Consider some recessed lighting with waterproof LED tapes that are cut to fit. Miniature LEDs for the floor lighting can brighten up the area. Warm lights are more preferred in this case.

Open-Air Dining

Want to create an Al fresco dining area? Bring some intimacy to your space without actually constructing a roof that may block the sky or the sun. You will need some vintage light strings hanging over stainless cables stretching across the deck.

There are countless deck lighting possibilities for a narrow backyard. We can design it to accommodate lawn for pets and kids as well as a deck for entertaining guests. You will need planter-box spotlights or up-lights on the hedges as well as round lamps for the deck levels. The steps can have smaller lights for safety purposes.

Sunken Deck Lighting

Have you been dreaming about making your outdoors come live at night? Consider our warm low-mounted lights or fanciful string lights that can be hanged on the fence or trees over your sunken deck.

Exterior lighting enhances the purpose of your outdoor decks. It also improves safety while creating an inviting space. During the nighttime, you can still have fun outside as long as you have a well-designed lighting plan. Contact Hall Electrical if you want to minimize glare or install the most energy-efficient lighting systems on your outdoor dining area, pool, fountain, patio, front yard, steps and staircases. We specialize in residential outdoor lighting and it is our joy to make your space more attractive. We can also create unique lighting ambiance for special occasions.