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Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting installation and wiring services from a registered electrician

Great lighting design, fixtures and fittings can make a world of difference to a property. Aesthetically people will notice a difference, but the real benefit is for those people who spend time in the newly lit environment. If you are looking at installing new lights and fittings inside your home consideration to lighting by an experienced electrician can help you to

  • Improve the look of your lights and enhance your home interior
  • Improve the consistency of light to all areas of a room
  • Improve the direction of light to specific areas of a room
  • Improve the visual comfort by reducing visual glare from light

Faced with the above list of beneficial outcomes from a successful indoor lighting installation, it is little wonder why this is a popular electrical service. The easiest thing to do is start the process by calling us to get a quote. We will send one of our team to your home or investment property for an initial onsite evaluation. We’ll listen to your requirements and vision, and we can provide a few ideas to make sure the best outcome is planned in the lighting design. Call to speak with our team on 0800 422 973.
Some further points about indoor lighting you may find helpful follow;

Indoor Lighting Methods

  • General room lighting – light fixtures ON the ceiling
    • Traditional bulbs
    • Diffused bulbs
    • Energy efficient bulbs
    • Traditional, Modern & Designer lamp shades
    • Diffused lamp shades
    • Spot lights
    • Chandeliers
  • Downlighting – light fixtures recessed IN the ceiling

  • Uplighting – bouncing indirect light OFF the ceiling

Where do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us. We will provide you with a quote by actually coming to your home or property, assessing the situation and getting to know what your vision is.