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Hall Electrical is your best choice for electrical services. Our electricians are licensed, competent, and experienced.

In New Zealand, work must be certified by a licensed electrician. They have all the training and experience required for delivering excellent services. Strict licensing regulations govern prescribed electrical work (PEW) in New Zealand. Only licensed electrical workers are allowed to perform prescribed electrical work.

You need to check whether your electrical worker is licenced. There are two ways to do that. Prior to commencing work, check your public register to see if the electrician you hired is licenced. Another option is to ask for your electrical worker’s licence card. If they have one, this means they are updated on current safety procedures and they meet electrical standards. After work is done, be sure to ask for an Electrical Safety Certificate and a Certificate of Compliance.

You can check whether an electricain holds a current license by going to the EWRB.

New Zealand law requires electrical workers to certify specific work. This ensures that work done complies with safety requirements and is performed by an authorised person.

Hiring unlicensed people can be dangerous because they might lack the skills required to do things right. This is one of the risks of hiring unlicenced people – you might need to hire someone else to fix things for you, not to mention dealing with the dangers that you might encounter if they deliver sub-par work.

At Hall Electrical, we’ve got licensed electricians on call to provide for your every need. Our electricians are licensed by the New Zealand Electrical Workers Registration Board. You’re sure to hire experienced and skilled electrical workers who have the licence to perform electrical services in New Zealand.
We provide excellent services performed by licenced professionals who are skilled and certified by the government to be competent. Our electricians get things done right the first time so you avoid the hassle and risks of rework.
Hall Electrical has been providing excellent services in the Auckland area for over 40 years’ experience. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair, we’ve got everything covered. Our team of licenced professional electricians are ready, willing, and able to provide the electrical services you need. You’re just one phone call away from professional electrical services. We’ve got you covered.

We can supply home and business owners a PS3 (Producer Statements) for all new work or existing work after passing a basic electrical test. Please contact us for more information. Below you can see a sample electrical PS3.