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An electrical Certificate of Verification (COV) for residential property can often be requested by insurance companies during the sale & purchase of property. In particular, older properties are more likely to receive a request for a COV from an insurance company. Insurance compliance is normally a vital requirement for banks to sign-off on mortgage settlement.

The purpose of the electrical COV is to verify the condition and safety of the electrical circuits in the property. Typically, the certificate covers verification of; ‘an existing installation on which no work has been carried out and is not subject to Regulation 73’.

Situations in which COVs are commonly requested:

Electrical COV’s help to identify potential electrical hazards and provide peace of mind to individuals and a level of risk reduction to insurance companies & banks. Common situations when electrical COV’s are requested include:

    • As a Pre-Purchase requirement for mortgage settlement (via the insurance company).
    • As a Pre-Purchase reassurance measure or due diligence condition of sale.
    • As a Post-Purchase reassurance measure to give you peace of mind.
    • As an identification measure when you receive repeated ad-hoc and often intermittent electrical issues throughout the property.
    • As a evidence when selling your older home or investment property.

Situations in which COVs are commonly requested:

The time it takes to complete an on-site electrical COV inspection can vary. Typically, up to two hours on-site is common for an average sized home. Verification is classified as either: (a) Basic visual inspection; (b) Visual inspection and limited testing; or (c) Visual inspection and full testing.

Our standard residential home electrical COV is by Basic visual inspection.

The verification process includes:

The visual inspection applies to the readily visible wiring and electrical items. An electrician will run through a checklist and grade a series of listed items that typically include:

  • Main earth
  • Switchboard
  • Hot Water System
  • Range/Stove/Oven
  • House
    • Light switches
    • Light fittings
    • Metal fittings earthed
    • Switch-Sockets
    • Polarity
    • Condition of Cable
    • Pipe Insulation
  • Miscellaneous
    • Laundry
    • Garage
    • Other
  • Mains cable (to fully test mains cable an Electrical Inspector is required, thus it does not form part of our COV by basic visual inspection)

This will give you, your insurance company and your bank piece of mind that at this particular moment in time a qualified electrician believes the electrical condition of the property is safe.

Book a COV

Call the office on 0800 422 973

If you required the full testing of an Electrical Safety Audit & Report we can arrange an independent third party specialist inspector for this service. This service is often required by insurance companies for Commercial Buildings.

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Get an electrician to install electrical power points, wall sockets and power outlets

Regardless of what you call them (power points, sockets or outlets), with a few extra well placed power points around your home you can greatly reduce clutter and improve convenience. We often find people considering installing extra power points in their home broadly fit into one of two groups;

1) “I know exactly what I want”

Many people have a clear idea of what they want when they contact us regarding installing extra points. For example someone may wish to…

  • Reduce clutter in the home by installing one or two extra power points to remove an annoying and dangerous extension cord.
  • Reduce risk by replacing a single power point which has many electrical devices using a multi-plug with double adaptors, with two or more double power points.
  • Increasing convenience in a room by installing another double power point in the kitchen, or perhaps a double power point either side of the bed.

2) “I’m building or renovating and have some ideals, but I’m open to finding the best solution”

When presented with new home building or renovation project you are faced with a world of choice and decisions to make. Sometimes it can be extremely useful to have the helpful advice and ideas of a professional. The last thing you would want to happen would be to complete the project and say “oh, I wish we had an extra power installed here”.

This is where an onsite evaluation from an experienced electrician will often be the best way to state your requirements, share your ideas and get a few more inside tips from an electrical professional.

Power Point Options

  • Colour; typically sockets come in white, grey/silver, or black
  • Quantity; single, double or quad
  • Orientation of Double; vertical or horizontal

Where do I start?

The best thing to do is talk to us.
For small jobs you just want done we can send someone to complete at a time that works for you.
For larger more complex jobs we will provide you with a quote by actually coming to your home or property and assess the situation and getting to know what your vision is.

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Electrical RepairHall Electrical provides qualified master residential electricians and commercial electricians for Electrical Repairs.

Are You Without Power And Wanting To Be Up And Running ASAP?

When electricity fails for one reason or another your ability to carry on normally is effected. You need to be up and running again as soon as possible. When you call Hall Electrical we will tell you straight away when we will be at your premises to solve your problem. For urgent repairs we can usually be there within the hour. Most other work will be done the same day you call.

We Promise To:

  • Turn Up On Time;
    Or phone and keep you informed if we are stuck in traffic.
  • Do A Quality Job;
    All tradesman are Master Electricians, and we have 14 fully equipped Hall Electrical vehicles covering Auckland every day. They all carry stock required for most repairs. This saves hours of driving to pick up parts, which saves you travel costs.
  • Tidy Up When Finished;
    All our vans carry vacuum cleaners. We promise to clean up and leave your place spotless.
  • Be Trustworthy In Your Home Or Office;
    All of Hall Electrical’s tradesman have security clearance from the New Zealand Police allowing you to feel safe that when Hall Electrical leaves an unoccupied property all is how it should be.

Phone: 0800 422 973

So Can Hall Electrical Fix My Problem?

Whatever your problem we will fix it, from a simple fuse replacement to something really scary. We’ll fix it for you fast and get out of your way so you can get life back to normal. Here are a few common scenarios which you might be experiencing now…

  • Lights gone out or gone bang
  • Power points not working
  • Stove stopped or element blown
  • No hot water
  • Pumps failed
  • Burning smell at the switchboard
  • Security lighting not working properly
  • Or any other electrical fault in your home or business

Phone: 0800 422 973