Fluorescent Bulb Replacement Services

The right lighting fixtures can change vibe to the room. highlight certain features and illuminate the area to create that unique and aesthetic appeal. However, it’s no secret that the quality of the lighting fixtures or fittings you use degrades over time. Furthermore, there are some instances when you need to install lighting replacements to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

If you’re looking for a fluorescent bulb replacement, but you’re not sure where to start, our quick guide below might help you.

Types of Fluorescent Bulbs You Can Choose From

Fluorescent bulbs come in various shapes, sizes and features. Some of the commonly used options include the following:

  • Compact Spiral
  • Compact Straight
  • T5 Circular Tube
  • T9 Circular Tube
  • T4 Fluorescent Tube
  • T8 Fluorescent Tube
  • Dolly Bulb
  • Fluorescent 2D
  • Fluorescent PLS
  • Fluorescent PLC

Undoubtedly, fluorescent bulbs make a fine choice for outdoor and indoor lighting because of their energy-saving feature. They’re also eco-friendly and durable, making them an excellent addition to your home or commercial space.

If you want to switch from another type of bulb to a fluorescent bulb, we recommend looking into specific factors such as:

  • Tube diameter
  • Bulb colour variation
  • Colour temperature
  • Tube length
  • Wattage

Replacing a Busted or Old Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulb replacement is a straightforward process. To ensure that the new lighting fixtures or fittings work properly, you will need to ensure that you have the right size. It’s also crucial to select the correct colour temperature. In domestic applications, people usually pick bulbs with 2700K colour temperature. It gives that warm and cozy ambiance in the room.

For a commercial space such as a showroom, warehouse, or dining places, you can choose light bulbs with a colour temperature of around 3500K. If you want to get the distinctly white light in the room for offices or school classrooms, you can look for fluorescent bulbs with a colour temperature of around 4000K.

Book Your Fluorescent Bulb Replacement Service Today!

It pays to have a well-illuminated space in the house or commercial space. What better way to achieve that than replacing your old bulbs with the latest and more energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs?

Here at Hall Electrical, we offer quick fluorescent bulb service at an affordable price. Whatever type of bulb you want to use, our indoor and outdoor lighting professionals can readily lend you a hand. Book your fluorescent bulb replacement service today! You may also call us at (09) 379 9198.


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The Electrical Brief:
Electrical Services & Structured Cabling Service

Electrical Features:

  • Electrical Services – Power and Lighting
    • Power cabling and outlet installation throughout
    • Lighting cabling and fitting installation throughout
    • Bonding/Earthing installation as required
  • Structured Cabling Services
    • Cat6 cabling installed throughout
    • All data outlets installed
    • WAP (Wireless Access Point) installed
    • Communications cabinet & patch panel installed
  • Audio Visual
    • Power cabling and outlets installed as required for AV
    • Data cabling and outlets installed as required for AV
    • HDMI cabling installed as required for AV

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    The Electrical Brief:
    Electrical Services for Box Lobby Refurbishment/Re-Fit

    Electrical Features:

    • Electrical Services – Power and Lighting
      • Lighting cabling and fitting installation as required
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