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With gas prices soaring higher by the day electric cars are becoming more and more enticing. The savings offered by an electric car are undeniable. However not every electric car can just simply plug into the wall. That is why this Kingsland resident called Auckland’s favourite electrician. Hall Electrical offers a premium service to supply and install EV chargers to Aucklanders. However this Kingsland client had their own charger and we were happy to simply install it. Depending on your brand of electric vehicle you may need a specific EV wall charger. In this case this client had a BMW wall charger to match their brand new BMW EV.

The first step involved installing the cable and isolation switch to supply the car charger. We use a type B 40ma RCD and a 32 amp breaker also to ensure safety. Once livened and tested we could move on. Lastly we mounted the BMW EV wall charger where the client had requested and then connected everything up. One final liven and test upon completion and everything looked perfect. 

We were extremely pleased with how this turned out, and the client was extremely satisfied with their new charger. We plugged it into the car to make sure it was all working correctly. Sure enough their new electric BMW was charging faster than ever.

With the world transitioning to greener energy we can absolutely expect to see more of this type of work in Auckland. If you are thinking about getting an electric vehicle or already have one then call Hall Electrical at 0800 422 973 or contact us online to book an EV charger installation.