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New Home Build
(Steve and Larissa Mutton)

Larissa Mutton and her husband Steve are delighted with their beautiful new 300 square metre home in Henderson.

With four bedrooms, three lounges, an office, two bathrooms, ensuite, dining room, kitchen and a double garage, it has everything a modern family could wish for.

That’s largely thanks to the work the Muttons and Phil Hall put into planning and installing the complex electrical and data systems necessary to ensure that everything they could possibly need now, and in the future, was installed during building.

The house needed to be wired for more than just sound – they needed security, music, data, and of course lighting. In all, 135 lights were put in.

The entire house was data-wired through a central hub, and smart wired to the alarm system. Computers can be used in all the main living areas and bedrooms and are connected to a single, central printer. There is the added security of being able to monitor all computers from a central point.

Larissa says Phil was extremely thorough right from the planning stage. “He went through the house room by room, asking what each one would be used for, what appliances and furniture there would be, and how they would be positioned. He wanted to account for every possible eventuality.”

Phil also took the time to explain the outcome of each of the various options being considered. He wanted Larissa and Steve to consider how their choices would look both during the day and at night, how their artwork could best be displayed, and how the lighting would work with their furniture. Larissa says Phil listened to their requirements, then gave them several options to choose from that fit their budget.

What looks good on a plan, says Phil, doesn’t necessarily work well in practice. And he enjoyed the challenge of making Larissa and Steve’s house both look stunning and meet their needs. Larissa is particularly thrilled with how lovely the garden looks at night.

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Te Henga Road, Waitakere
New Home Build

The Electrical Brief:
Electrical Services

Electrical Features:

  • Electrical Services – Distribution, Power and Lighting
    • Distribution board installation
    • Power cabling and outlet installation throughout
    • Lighting cabling and fitting installation throughout