Welcome to Our New and Improved Website

We at Hall Electrical Services are ready to introduce our brand new website. We offer amazing user experience with quicker response times from the team. Most importantly, through the website we now offer E-commerce capability that enables you, our consumers, to buy services at fixed prices.

You can transact directly through our website. Whether you wish to Book a Service or Get a Price, you can do all these and more! We even have after hours/emergency services, which you can avail of via our new website.

Whatever your needs are, whether it’s for Rewiring, New Residential Homes, or Emergency Lighting, you can access and request a quote through our website.

Check out our list of Residential and Commercial Services, which you can directly browse through our new and improved website.
Learn more about Hall Electrical Services online.

Hall Electrical Services Online

We offer all our services online for your convenience. These include repairs, installations and projects, and maintenance programs. These are available for a wide range of customers, may it be market groups, residential areas, commercial buildings, or industrial applications.

For our residential services, we offer home renovations, house rewiring, outdoor lighting, full electrical plans, full electrical installations, an electrical certificate verification.

As for our commercial services, we offer office fit outs, electrical maintenance, commercial LED, and IQP inspection and maintenance. We’ve completed many projects in the various fields, and we are certainly available for anyone to contact us and discuss the specifications that they want and to get prices through our website.

Introducing Hall Electrical Services Online Shop

We also have an online shop readily available at our website. There, we sell various items like emergency lights (priced at $575.00, Inc. GST), which are suitable for any commercial or business application, ensuring that your building is compliant and safe.

We also sell EV Charger installed for home and business (priced at $851.00, Inc. GST), giving you the privacy of a personal EV charger at your home or business.

We can also upgrade existing downlights to LED lights (priced at $1,765.25, Inc. GST) for a 3-bedroom home (30 LED fittings) for residential applicants.

And if you want to have it installed in a commercial setting, our website makes it easier for you by having an accessible Request a Quote and a Free Electrical Proposal option. This is also available for a 5-bedroom home (45 LED fittings priced at $2,599.00 Inc. GST).

Why Hall Electrical Services Is Your Best Choice

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Hall Electrical Services is a down-to-earth electric installment company dedicated to customer satisfaction, commitment, and expertise. Hall Electrical has been in the field for nearly three decades and is loved by all their customers, all over Auckland.

We go above and beyond our competitors by offering ease of access to any part of the city, as we are centrally based. Entering the digitally apt and reliant age, we also have our new website, for those who come back to our service and for those who are still starting anew. With any gadget, you can now access our website online at Hall Electrical Services.

Good Old-Fashioned Customer Services

Because we care for our customers, we believe in good old-fashioned customer service – that’s why a real person will always answer your concern. To keep up with the modern world, our website can be quickly accessed and is available any time, any day! Send a message at our 24/7 customer support hotline , and our team will show up when you want us to, and will always provide high quality services when we say we will.

We Provide Exceptional Services

Our team of industrial electricians will bring you the best services by a mile as we provide our customers with exceptional service. We offer many industrial electrical services like rapid response to repairs and faults, new installation projects, scheduled maintenance, preventative maintenance, compliance, machine automation, thermal imaging, thermal graphic scanning, electrical surveys and reports, and PLC (programmable logic controller) programming.

The industries that we typical serve include manufacturing; plastics, metals, woodwork, canneries, powder and liquid production lines, assembly lines, kiln and pottery ovens and controls, critical hygiene areas, and process control. All these and more are readily available through our contacts at our website.

For being in the field of electricity for the past 39 years, we at Hall Electrical Services have always turned up on time, and keep you up-to-date with our current location, when needed. We carry out high quality jobs, tidy up when finished, and we are trustworthy in your home or office.

We aim to serve our customers better, and launching our new site will do just that. Here at Hall Electrical, our mission is to make sure your experience is the best possible – and our success starts with you.