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    $2,599.00 (Inc. GST)

    5 Bedroom Home ( 45 LED Fittings)

    This deal is designed for residential applications only. If you are looking for a commercial application, please [Request A Quote].

    Our high quality LED lights are suitable for any home.Tired of replacing light bulbs? Want to reduce your power bill? Convert today!

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  • Wiring For Dolby Surround Wall/Ceiling Speakers

    $776.25 (Inc. GST)

    Looking at converting your living room into a home cinema? Maybe install speakers without having cables hang along the walls? Hall Electrical are your one stop shop for all your multimedia wiring requirements!

    We have compiled one deal for you which will convert your room into a movie and/or gaming center! NO MORE VISIBLE CABLES!

    To Supply and install 5 x twin speaker cables from the sound system to the speaker location in the same room.  three of which are in the direct vicinity of the amplifier and two along the back back to accommodate the Dolby effect.

    Please call us for more details.

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    $1,840.00 (Inc. GST)

    Do you need to upgrade your switchboard because of a renovation, safety or compliance?

    Hall Electrical make a complex job easy!

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